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HS Electrical

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You will discover that our machines are being used worldwide under some of the most extreme conditions imaginable. In addition, you will find out more about the people who work at Metabo and their unconditional love of perfection and their vision for the future.   Dunlite Power Equipment is a highly reputed Australian supplier of petrol and diesel Portable Generators, Welder Generators, Inverter Generators and 4-Stroke Petrol Engines. All Dunlite pumps are powered by dependable engines for reliable performance.   Tru-Test are world leaders in electric fencing and traditional fencing tools - with the brands Stafix, Speedrite, Pel, Patriot and Hayes - helping ensure animals are contained and pastures are managed for sustainable, profitable results.  

Karnasch Australia is the Sole Australian Distributor for Karnasch Professional Tools. Our head office is in Brisbane with a Sales Branch located in Melbourne. Distributes excellent quality, high performance tools for metal working.

HS Electrical   HS Electrical   Tru-Test   Tru-Test
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Milwaukee Tools


Makita Tools

Wherever there is movement CMG can provide the product, including electric motors, geared motors, variable frequency drives, soft starters and many other associated products. We service industries as diverse as mining, petrochemical, automation, materials handling, fluid handling, air movement, agriculture and original equipment manufacturing.   Success has always been a part of the company's history. As Latin America's largest electric motor manufacturer and one of the world's largest, WEG specializes in branches such as command and protection, speed variation, industrial process automation, power generation and distribution and industrial paints and varnishes.   To meet the ever-changing job site challenges, Milwaukee strives to produce products that improves user productivity. With more than 500 power tool products, you can bet that Milwaukee has the tool for whatever the job demands. Milwaukee also manufactures high-quality heavy-duty accessories to meet the ever-changing demands found on the job site.  

Whether you’re nipping off branches, trimming the hedges and lawn, or clearing away debris, Makita’s latest range of Lithium-ion Mobile Outdoor Power Equipment doesn’t just cut the competition down to size, it blows ‘em away! When you need to break up the hard stuff in record time, wrap your hands around one of these beauties and hammer away.

CMG   WEG   Milwaukee Tools   Makita
Hitachi   Peerless   Weldmaster   Gerni





Weld Master



In 1980 Hitachi Power Tools U.S.A. was created to market the line of tools in the United States. During the 80s, Hitachi Power Tools U.S.A. built its reputation for quality on the success of its pneumatic framing nailer and sliding compound miter saws. Hitachi Koki manufactures more than 1000 models of electric power tools, focusing on compact/high out-put motor technology.


Whether you're a handyman looking for something to use around the home or you work on the land and need a major workhorse, we've got the perfect air compressor for you. From our complete range of Electric and Petrol units to pumps and workshop equipment, this website allows you to check out our extensive range of quality products.

  Weldmaster Brings to you the powerful Range of MIG WELDERS. Weldmaster range of MIG welding machines are designed to perform in a wide range of welding applications, from hobbyist through to the professional, working in heavy fabrication, ship building and where ever major project work requires quality welding.   We supply quality high pressure washers, vacuum cleaners and floor care equipment to agriculture, automotive and industrial companies, cleaning contractors and private consumers. Gerni is a market and customer driven company with focus on innovation and growth. We believe in developing longlasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees.
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