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H S Electrical

HS Electrical

HS Electrical

Welcome to H & S Electrical Engineering . . .

Electric Motor Repair Specialists in Colac

H & S Electrical Engineering Pty Ltd have the resources to perform rewinding and repairs to ALL types of electric motors up to 110kw . A motor is brought into the workshop and it is tested to determine if the motor windings are burnt.  If the motor windings are  burnt it is then determined if the motor will be rewound in our workshop or replaced. Many factors will be taken into consideration depending on price, availablity and urgency.

We are your local qualified electrical tradespeople who specialise in repairs and sales of all types of electrical motors from your small domestic items to large heavy duty industrial motors.

A daily transport service is available on request from Geelong to Colac capable of bringing even the largest  motors straight to our door.

Spare parts in stock include:

*    Start & Run Capacitors

*    Carbon Brushes

*    Terminal blocks and boxes

*     Fan cowls & fans


New motor brands in stock include:

*      CMG       

*       Teco

*        Weg

*        ABB






Electric Motor Repairs & Servicing

At H & S Electrical Engineering our range Includes:

*      Three Phase motors

*      Single Phase motors

*      Multi speed motors

*      Compressor motors

*      Heater/air conditioning fans

*      Gear boxes

*      Swimming/Spa pumps

*      Water Pumps

*      Ducted systems/Vacuums

*      Submersible pumps

*       Brake motors

*       Variable Speed Drives



For fast, competant repair, or replacement, come in and talk to the friendly team at H & S Electrical Engineering.





H S Electrical
H S Electrical


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